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AdMiRe stands for Adorable Mixed Realities.

Our goal is to bring performers from Second Life together to create music and mayhem for the enjoyment of our friends and fans in REAL LIFE.

Whether you are a musician, a fan or just want to meet your Second Life friends in RL - join us for our annual live music event hosted in Baarlo, The Netherlands in September.

AdMiRe welcomes visitors from countries all over the world - NL, UK, BE, DE, FR, DK, ES, IT, and yes, even AUS and US!

Of course we hope to see YOU there at our next event, too! For more information, check this website or our FaceBook page.

Of course an email from you will be welcome, too!

We hope to hear from you soon, in world or at our event in September.

The AdMiRe Team:
Kees, Netty, Rachel, Sas, Xander, Sandra

AdMiRe foundation
Adorable Mixed Realities


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